New Life Foundation World Reach
New Life Foundation World Reach practices holistic outreach to the whole person.  The projects we support are intended to link together to make a lasting change in the life of the individual and county.

Primary Health Care
One of the primary causes of poverty in Cambodia is poor health care.  Cambodians are sick, they purchase outdated medicine or various kinds of medicine, pay for doctors or hospitalization by borrowing at high interest rates.  More often than not they cannot pay the loan back and are forced to sell farm animals, implements, their property or house which leads to even more poverty.  We attempt to address this issue through primary health care education, primarily in provincial villages.  Cambodians trained in basic first aid, health care and nutrition hold regular meetings in villages and educate the family and children how to eat properly, care for basic injuries and address basic medical problems.  We have seen tremendous change in individual lives and entire villages through this education.  Occasionally we provide health care clinics through visiting medical teams.

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